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Production support

15 years of Total Mission Success guarantee every shot gets in the can and budget is under control. Locations, Equipment, Crew, Talents, Vehicles, Visas and everything in between, we've got it all. Would you like to know more?

Video content strategy 

Today everyone is a publisher. And video is the biggest part. Besides, who said B2B marketing had to be boring? Reach your professional audience with ideas and visual storytelling that truly engage.

Film production

We produce micro and short films. We are currently developing several projects, including a video art installation and a documentary on environment protection.

"Thanks for today. You guys were a pleasure to work with and completely nailed it. The client is over the moon. Awesome job!!!!!"
- Andrew M., Producer at Paper Stone Scissors, Dec 2017

Journal de Fixer

  • – Michel Barthelemy, awarded Art Director

    “We hired David as a translator, as we were preparing the Hong Kong part of «Largo Winch», a French international «Action & Comedy» film shot in Malta, Sicily, Hong Kong, Macau and Paris.

    As we had at the same time to settle all the Art Dpt processes (install, deals, manpower chase, ability tests, etc.), David appeared to be really helpfull. Approaching with a good spirit the Art Direction matters and concerns, using willingly his personal general knowledge and good thinking, he found very quickly the way to assist us (the head of dpt) in many points, like dealing technical points with architects, engineers and subcontractors we had to fight with, communicating with Chinese production, researching Hong Kong potentials and suppliers.
    Beside, David is a very good fellow, able to guide you in and around HK, and will be the perfect go-between for various film production mission.”

    – Michel Barthelemy, awarded Art Director
  • – Phil Barthropp, DOP

    Hi David, just got home after our amazing tour of the world, Hong Kong seems a year ago!!
    Thanks for the pics, when our feet finally touch the ground and we’ve still got more shooting to do, I’ll get more pics off to you.
    In the mean time, I’ve sent a snap from the timelapse movie we did as a final shot. Looks good.
    Thanks for your help, great to meet you!

    – Phil Barthropp, DOP