The Hong Kong Fixer as a Swiss Army knife?

  Some may not be familar with the term of ” Fixer” as it is mostly used in the jargon of cinema people and journalists.  The “Fixer” is the one who “fixes”, posseses an intimate knowledge of the local terrain and shares it with his client, his partner, his friend. He generally makes sure things happen in a foreign environement.

  Carrying out a mission in Hong Kong or China can seem a dauting task at first and it sure helps to have a local contact who knows the ropes and has at a disposal a range of cultural and practical tools that can prove invaluable.  The Fixer is solid pillar of trust in a moving and complex place, an anchor. Imagine a human GPS combined with an extensive rolodex, a light at the end of a dark cultural tunnel.


  In this fast paced  Hong Kong ( and in China too with over 12% growth for the past 10 years), time is of the essence. Here more than anywhere, the phrase “Work Hard, play Hard” rings true. Finding yourself in a new universe may be harder than expected. The Hong Kong Fixer offers a way to optimise your time, to make the very best out of your short stay in Asia and an opportunity be a simple phone call away from understanding and a solution to your situation. The Hong Kong Fixer does everything in his power to connect you directly with the city.