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Where have the Empire Cinemas gone?

When I arrived in Hong Kong, the place was still dotted by old style cinemas, echos of an English colonial past. The leathered seats were a bit squeaky, the attendants, dressed as hotel grooms, were a bit grumpy, the tickets were handprinted and your seat number was marked with a fat red color pencil…. no

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Eye on Red: L’oeil Rouge

    Il y a quelques mois, une équipe de production Anglaise fit appel à mes services pour le tournage d’une video d’entreprise. La “tournée” du tournage incluait de nombreux pays et lieux, Hong Kong étant une des bases importante de la société commanditaire, le groupe Grosvenor, géant immobilier lié à la couronne.  L’équipe avait besoin de

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Exceptional challenges for spectacular sets: The Hong Kong Fixer on the production of Largo Winch

      At the end of 2007, I was lucky to actively participate in the production of the feature film Largo Winch by Jérôme Salle , with Tomer Sisley and Christine Scott Thomas.  I was part of the production design team, hired as a Fixer, interpreter and coordinator. As such, I helped on the construction of many

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