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Reducing the cultural gap

Hong Kong suffers from a strange paradox. Although it is sold as “Asia World City”  this concept being supported by a multimillion ad campaign, the uncomfortable reality is that the Chinese and “Gwailo” community live parallel to one another. Of course, interactions occur on a daily basis, at work, in life, but these are oddly unilateral. Hong Kong Chinese people usually master

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Le Hong Kong Fixer

Le Hong Kong Fixer sur U-on Live Hong Kong radio

    En ligne des maintenant:   Will C. et Herbert, journalistes et DJs de Hong Kongais, ont invité le Hong Kong Fixer, pour tchatcher dans leur émission MAD IN HK, qui est diffusée sur la radio cool de Hong Kong : U- On Live radio. J’entre en deuxième partie d’émission, “juste après la pub”) Tout cela est en Cantonnais, avec quelques

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Walking in Shu Qi’s footsteps

  To work with sound. To evoke Hong Kong by capturing its audio soul. Thus was the intention at the Anne Pastor’s radio reportage that was recently broadcasted on France Inter, France’s national broadcast station. Anne and I have retraced the path taken by the sublime Shu Qi, whose velvety voice invites us in a Soundwalk, a synchronised audio

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