Team Fixer

Our cast's stories

David Attali

David is a producer with years of experience on the field.  From script to screen, idea to eyeball, he lives for stories, the ones that entertain and the ones that sell. He likes reading Ali Baba to his daughter in Cantonese.

Paul Verron

Paul is a production manager putting it all together. He has Swissed 4 feature films and many other productions. He is addicted to highly-caffeinated HK milk tea as he probably misunderstood the concept of spiritual awakening.

Linda Cheung

Linda is a flaneur at heart who photographs and writes to remember. Being a hoarder of curiosities from travels and a borderline clean freak have honed her eye for story and details. Graduated with a literature and film concentration, she is also skilled at mind reading and getting to the heart of matters.

The HK Fixer's origin story

The inspiration to become a fixer lies deep in the memory of a powerful film. In 1984, director Rolland Joffé told the incredible and terrible story of Dith Pran, a Cambodian journalist who was the Fixer for New York Times war correspondent Sidney Schanberg during the Khmer Rouge genocide of the 1970's. Two million lives were brutally taken and that is a scar that the humanity will forever keep on its face. But beyond the horror lies a true story of professional friendship in times of hardship, of doing whatever it takes to get it done. In every production we undertake, we try to live up to the spirit of Dith Pran and his professional, humble and determined work ethic. Fixing is simply wanting bad that the story gets out.

We are the original Hong Kong Fixer

Today, our experience is extensive. We have produced short films and participated in major feature films. We have supported fashion and commercial photo shoots, exec produced luxury brands commercials. We have authored investigative documentaries and fixed lifestyle programs... we take on all kinds of creative projects with method and passion.

Think of us as a Leatherman knife, ready to tailor an effective solution
for your brand' s campaign, for your film, video, artistic and news productions needs.