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Arès, a film by Jean Patrick Bénès, is here




At last, Arès, the exciting anticipation film directed by Jean Patrick Bénès is coming a screen near you.

In a not too far dystopian future, humanity has failed to heed the writing on the wall. Earth is a total mess, drugs are legal and power is in the hands of a greedy elite. France once a rich country belongs to the third world. Arès, a war vet, makes ends meet with odd muscle jobs. His life changes when he has to fight in a “no rules” type of MMA circuit to save his sister.

Watch out for the strong performance delivered by Ola Rapace and the set background plates, produced by The Hong Kong Fixer in Shanghai and Chongqing. These paint a Paris far from postcards clichés and brought us back to our first love in cinema: Production design. A dream come to true for us, as we are big SF fans. So glad our film production services in Hong Kong were put to good use. Go get Fixer: Arès is out on november 23rd 2016.

See the trailer here: