OZ in HK

2017 started in whirlwind for The Hong Kong Fixer media production services team. And, frankly. sometimes, our work makes us feel a bit like Dorothy sent to the magical world of the wizard of OZ. Only the tornado is more often a red taxi, iconic workhorses of the city. For sure, we were not in Kansas anymore when, in a rapid fire onslaught of production projects we suddenly literally bounced all over the city.

It started for a quest for sensations in the streets of HK for the Music Video production of the latest Iggy Azalea hit ” Mo Bounce”. The controversial Hip Hop star, re-boot-ing her career, was certainly keen of grabbing attention with her twerking and expressive moves. While we were Run’N’ Gunning the city with Iggy, our other team was having a playful rugby ball bounce from the peak to the streets of Hong Kong in an ad for HSBC and the Sevens. The videos were shot simultaneously however, the rugby ball never got to bounce with Iggy. Could have been fun. Then, The Hong Kong Fixer team managed to open the doors (once more) of amusement park Ocean Park for a lost “Panda”. This ad, for Israel national carrier El Al, was all about family. Our crew definitely raised a few eyebrows when the Panda costumed actor took the hong kong tramway or had some noodles at a traditional dai pai dong. definitely not your regular commercial production.