Game Over

Cinema, Documentary

It is no use changing a winning team

Multiple awards director Hervé Martin Delpierre partnered with us again for this amazing immersive documentary on the video game industry. Four protagonists: a sociologist, a psychologist, a game designer and a gold farmer take us on a journey deep in the world of the largest entertainment industry. A visually striking study.

The fix was a China adventure, taking us to remote cities. The quest for the goldfarmer was an exciting and intriguing one and took us on a journey for which we had to rely on all our China skills to uncover this fascinating reality.

The HK Fixer’s value

  • Credit: 1st Assistant Director
  • Search, casting and identification of main China protagonists Zain and Alon
  • On set first assistant
  • Extensive documentary research on the video games industry
  • Deep “in game” research with long time avatar “Stilgar” (World of Warcraft)
  • Location scouting (deep into China’s remote areas)
  • Fixing
  • Interpretation Chinese-French
  • Post production follow up