HSBC Rugby Sevens 2017


The game I want to play

Come on, Come on, Come on, all over town!

Once again, we were trusted by Saatchi & Saatchi and HSBC to produce a video firmly establishing the bank as the main sponsor of the not-to-be-missed Hong Kong Rugby Sevens. And OMG!, What fun we had with this strangely determined ball bouncing everywhere in Hong Kong.

Imagine us trying to catch a rugby ball, which by the way, rebounds completely randomly, in Hong Kong locations such as Kennedy Town, Hollywood Road, the busy traffic of central, the Victoria Peak, a moving taxi, and so many other places. Of course, the ball, being the star of the show, was given the treatment it deserved: a couple of seriously loaded RED Weapons cameras equipped with 8K Helium sensors. Sorry ball, no glam squad for you this time, but we did care for you a lot.

The HK Fixer team, fully crewed up, had a great time with super cool director David Betteridge and lovely producer Hollie Forsyth. Thank you to all involved, it was a great gig, which ended up in a jolly spicy wrap up party at one our favourite Sichuan place. Total Mission Success.

The HK Fixer’s creative production value

  • Production management / Fixing
  • Crewing
  • Camera equipment
  • Location scouting and management
  • Logistics and transportation