– Michel Barthelemy, awarded Art Director

“We hired David as a translator, as we were preparing the Hong Kong part of «Largo Winch», a French international «Action & Comedy» film shot in Malta, Sicily, Hong Kong, Macau and Paris.

As we had at the same time to settle all the Art Dpt processes (install, deals, manpower chase, ability tests, etc.), David appeared to be really helpfull. Approaching with a good spirit the Art Direction matters and concerns, using willingly his personal general knowledge and good thinking, he found very quickly the way to assist us (the head of dpt) in many points, like dealing technical points with architects, engineers and subcontractors we had to fight with, communicating with Chinese production, researching Hong Kong potentials and suppliers.
Beside, David is a very good fellow, able to guide you in and around HK, and will be the perfect go-between for various film production mission.”