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The Hong Kong Fixer speaks Cantonese on U -On Live Radio

Mad in Hk

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Speaking Cantonese for more understanding

A little while ago, Will C and Herbert of “Made in Hong Kong” invited me, the Hong kong Fixer, to have a chat with them at their cool studio for their show “Mad in Hk” , broadcasted on the hip  and young radio U- On Live. All of this is in Cantonese, and I get in on the second part of the show, peppering it with a few French words. So, this might a bit tough on the Non Chinese speaker’s ears, but the soundscape and atmosphere are nice and the conversation rich . This is just one more little step towards mutual understanding, and having fun with it! …” Vote for change” 


You can listen to that piece of transnational friendship by clicking on the show of 04/11/2008


Alternatively, please download/listen the whole show (including two cantopop tracks) by clikibg on the bwo link: