The Hong Kong Fixer

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  The Hong Kong Fixer invites you to visit the backstage of a nomadic Chinese Theater troop, met in the town of Phitsalunok in Thailand. This videopoetry was born from the meeting with Erwan Braem (a journalist and producer of TV5) and shot with a simple 2 mpixels Nikon digital camera ( my first one). A few chinese words fly by the screen, you are invited to sit down , share a cup of Gong Fu Cha ( this very bitter tea that is consumed all day long in the area of Chaozhou, north of Guangdong province) and listen to these strangely strange sounds. Our hosts who are typical Hua Qiao ( Chinese overseas, the Chinese Diaspora)  have criss crossed Asia for generations performing their lively form of Cantonese opera. This film’s sound was professionally mixed by Christophe Rault and is available for download on the site of Arte Radio.