The Hong Kong Fixer

The W tower in 3 D: the pre-visualisation

A little more on the post production process of Largo Winch .

Once the words “That’s a wrap” had been said, the work did not stop. Far from it! Post prod time had arrived. The CG jobs were given to  the Duboi/Quinta company, a leader and pioneer in post production services. For the 3D tower shot, they used, for reference, pictures taken on the top of Hong Kong skyscrapers by Benoit Bechet who was guided by yours truly, the Hong Kong Fixer .

Below is a draft video used for that shot. It was created by Jerome “Lardux” Billet, a wizard on all geeky things. The music piece is “Delirium Tremens” by Julius Bates.



For more on Duboi and Quinta services ( they just worked on” Coco avant Chanel” by Anne Fontaine)


Julius Bates’ Music and works  can be checked here: