Warning: this film has been rated R by the teller for extreme violence.

Learning from the masters: chapter one.

We had been so busy running around the city for our film and video production services… So, on a rainy afternoon, we decided to make a mini video… only…we did not want to spend too much time doing it and definitely did not want to spend a dime. We set out to follow in the footsteps of two cinema masters.

In the right corner: meet Roberto Rordriguez who made El Mariachi with 7000 USD. The lesson: use what is available to you and build something around it. He had a guitar, a tortoise and the rest is history. So… we looked around and found… an apple. We looked at each other… What the hell were we supposed to do with that? That would have to do .


Ok now we had prop or even maybe….a character..? What and how were we to shoot it?

Enter cinema heavyweight Lars Von Trier, in the left corner. He created Dogme 95 and its filming commandements ( The basic philosophy is simple: creativity is not total freedom.. it is on the contrary liberated by constraints. So… we set ourselves this rule : we have one hour, tops, max and then finito, ralas!.


An apple, an hour….. yeahhhh……..let’s kill it.

So there you have it.. our rainy day masterpiece ” Death of an apple”.